Monday, July 23, 2007

Call for Submissions: Christian Reconciliation Carnival #7

Christian Reconciliation Carnival #7 will be hosted at Connected Christianity. There's an extended deadline this month: posts are due by Sunday, August 5.

The topic of the month is "Almost Persuaded".
I’m challenging Carnival participants to confess something they admire about a different Christian group or denomination so much they they would almost consider changing churches. Let it be stipulated that we are all very happy in our own faith communities and that our deepest theological convictions would keep us from going anywhere else. But whom do you see doing something so right that, if other more crucial matters could be resolved, you’d likely find yourself drifting their way?
Good topic; I have a couple of ideas there already. Write up your answers and send them in here. Other topics related to Christian Reconciliation are welcome as always. Remember that Pseudo-Polymath has a challenge out from last month:
If you do not pray to saints, why not?
Hey, he's baiting you -- any bites?

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