Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Christian Reconciliation Carnival #6

Hi all and welcome to Christian Reconciliation Carnival #6, 4th of July edition where the topic of the month is politics, nationalism, and Christian unity.

I neglected to put out a timely call for new hosts this month, so pardon this being a re-run here on this blog. Anyone interested in signing up for a spot hosting, please drop me an email; it's an easy Carnival to host. The host has the added benefit of being able to name a topic of the month, if you'd like one.

Questions (from one denomination to another)
Mark at Pseudo-Polymath asks, Can Squabbles Be Good? He thinks the conversation could use both heat (in moderation) and light, and drops some enticing bait: "So if you do not pray to saints, Why not?" He also seeks comments on reverencing Mary. Mark is Eastern Orthodox (i.e. prays to saints and reverences Mary). As they say, read the whole thing ... then give it a spin if you want to answer. Guaranteed link from next month's Carnival for civil answers.

Topic of the Month: Politics and the Divided Church
Why does Christian fellowship rarely reach across the U.S. political divides? Why are Christians in different nations so distrustful of each other?
Your host of the month considers where political divides have been allowed to trump Christian fellowship in Your will be done on earth: God, Politics, and Sinners.

Mark answers on how his church reaches across the national divides that tend to be visible in an Eastern Orthodox parish.

General Interest
Dr. Pursiful evaluates a scheme for understanding, assessing -- and possibly accepting -- differences in Threefold Witness 1: Is Louis Markos on to Something?

Kyle Potter speaks about ecumenism and respecting differences rather than whitewashing them in Ecumenism Revisited.

Alistair at Adversaria has blogged quite a series and touched off a number of responses; it starts here discussing the The Denominational Church.

Justin Taylor of Between Two Worlds writes on The Ethics of Controversy.

Phil at Hyperekperissou considers St. Cyprian and Protestant Ecclesiology.

iMonk considers a Baptist move towards a more robust view of the Lord's Supper.

Peter Leithart considers an Ecumenical Reading List. Anyone who considered the topic of the month last month might find some good recommendations here.

The Singing Owl continues an in-depth series on inter-church disagreements in The church versus the Church.

Bryce Wandrey considers Christian Unity on the Feasts of Sts. Peter and Paul. (Wonder if he's been reading Dr. Pursiful's series linked above?)

William Weedon, a Lutheran, watches with polite interest as Rome considers a return to the Latin Mass.

That's all for this month's Carnival. Someone who can host in early August please drop an email and claim the date for the next Carnival. I'm hoping to build a base of 12 people willing to host one time per year; if you haven't hosted yet and are interested, let us know.

Take care & God bless

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Mark said...

Ben Meyers at Faith and Theology has been running an off an on series this month of accounts from people who have moved from one denomination to another.