Sunday, August 04, 2019

Eventual Retirement, and Treasures in heaven

For a little while longer I'll comment on the daily reading, as the summer winds down and I hope to carve out more time for personal things again. 

In today's reading's we see time and again the uselessness of greed. Jesus encourages us to be rich toward God -- which often meant being generous toward the poor. There's some sign from the gospel reading that Jesus would also include not being divided from family by inheritance matters, not being drawn away from people by the lure of money, prosperity, security, or financial ease. I find myself seeking clarity about the line between the retirement planning that is good stewardship, and that which is trying to control the uncontrollable, or trying to buy peace of mind. I do suspect that savings are less comforting than a companion would be.

As the years go by I have more treasures in heaven than on earth: all four of my grandparents, my father, my aunt, and (a year ago today) also my brother. And I see it more clearly: I don't miss things I have lost, only people. My actual treasures in this world are family and friends. Kindness is a more important deposit than the 401k withdrawal. Forgiveness and amends are the bonuses. A renewed acquaintance is better than finding long-lost funds. Reconciliation is like winning the lottery. And a small meal with a friend is more satisfying than a plentiful meal alone.


Martin LaBar said...

"Kindness is a more important deposit than the 401k withdrawal."

Weekend Fisher said...

Hi Martin

Thank you, as always, for your steady presence, and for being willing to read and interact.

Take care & God bless