Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thesis #1 on Church Unity

1. Visible, acknowledged unity of all the followers of Christ is desirable: not because the See is infallible, but because fellowship is indispensable.

So tempting to add more right now, but here and now I want to focus on only this thought. 


Craig said...

I look forward to seeing where your theses take us. This is at its core a question of authority.

Weekend Fisher said...

Hi Craig

That's an interesting perspective. I'd like to figure out where you're coming from. Why do you see unity as a question of authority? Not looking to start an argument, just for an understanding of how you see it.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF

Craig said...

I think any discussion - both theologically and politically - center on issues of authority. Whether it’s the role of the Pope, the role of Councils, the role of Scripture and who gets to interpret it, Church divisions have proliferated largely along fault lines of authority. Even the history of the filioque is one of authority. Reunification will only be successful when issues of the authority of episcopacy, Tradition and the role of Scripture are resolved.