Sunday, December 18, 2016

Whatever is true ...

This morning (as I write this, in 2020) I found an old meditation that I had written on a church bulletin. I wanted to preserve it here and hope to arrange to publish it on the bulletin's date (Dec 18, 2016). 

  • Whatever is true: It is much colder here today than yesterday
  • Whatever is good: A full night of restful sleep
  • Whatever is just: Hearing both sides of an argument without prejudice before deciding
  • Whatever is of good reputation: Friendship
  • Whatever is praiseworthy: The courage to admit a mistake
  • Whatever is lovely: The cat, curled up under the Christmas tree for a nap
  • Whatever is honorable: A policeman who risks his life to keep others safe
  • Anything of virtue: Keeping our word
  • Any thing excellent, worthy of praise: The Ukrainian bell carol

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