Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ: Series Index

I know I don't usually post mid-week currently, but I realized I hadn't posted a series index for the grace series I did this summer, and didn't want to have my "once a week" post be only an index to previous posts. 

 The index has a few observations that I don't think made it into the individual posts. 
  • The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ - about Christ's central and unique role in grace, and how that challenges our theologies about "prevenient grace" and "irresistible grace"
  • Grace from the foundation of the world - how God's goodness is involved in the foundation of the world. Nature is founded on an act of grace. Without grace, nature is not truly itself.
  • Grace and faith - God's faithfulness, our faith, and what God has given us in raising Christ from the dead
  • Grace and the Trinity - how the act of Jesus' incarnation is an embodiment of God's love; how the sending of the Holy Spirit is to establish grace and fellowship. And so how "Trinity" is about God's love for us and his outreach towards us.
  • Grace and a less selfish view of the law - How God's law calls us to participate in God's grace towards our neighbor. The law is in accordance with nature. Its purpose is to establish our grace for others; even for sinners it restrains enmity. The desire to throw off the law is the desire to throw off grace towards our fellowman. This follows from the fact that love is the fulfillment of the law.
  • Paradise to the ends of the earth - Eden as a template for how people are to "fill the earth and rule over it", by establishing paradise to the ends of the earth. A continuation of the act of grace begun at creation.  

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