Thursday, February 14, 2013

Word Cloud: New Testament

Christ(523) Gentiles(82) God's(159) Jerusalem(140) John(136) Moses(84) Paul(199) Peter(176) Pharisees(84) angel(102) angels(82) answered(140) asked(260) authority(75) began(101) blood(88) body(162) bread(77) bring(87) brother(108) brothers(219) brought(114) called(207) children(124) church(78) city(103) coming(116) crowd(120) day(252) days(118) dead(142) death(132) disciples(265) earth(144) eat(101) evil(126) faith(249) father(374) feet(81) fell(75) gave(166) glory(128) God(1182) good(244) gospel(94) grace(123) great(170) hand(124) hands(79) hear(99) heard(231) heart(78) hearts(79) heaven(226) high(87) holy(191) hope(78) house(156) Jesus(1261) Jews(167) king(86) kingdom(153) law(264) left(136) life(220) light(90) live(126) living(86) long(77) Lord(582) love(232) man(648) men(351) mother(77) peace(89) people(380) place(144) power(119) priests(82) prophets(85) put(209) raised(75) received(89) replied(176) servant(98) sin(122) sins(99) son(412) speak(94) spirit(324) stand(75) temple(121) time(253) told(165) truth(172) voice(91) woman(116) word(154) words(106) work(97) world(191) written(121)

Technical notes

Again, there were some obstacles in getting this word cloud:
  1. Again, the combined New Testament seems to be too large for my previous free word cloud generator (at least its current version; I had been able to generate it at that site before, years ago). While the New Testament and Qur'an have now had clouds generated using the same word cloud software, this word cloud software still has potential to throw off the results. For example, the current word frequencies would be different if handled possessives better (God and God's are counted separately here; Allah and Allah's were counted separately in the Qur'an). A similar issue comes up with plurals (see how angel and angels have two separate entries). This kind of issue means that eventually I'd need to re-check with a better word cloud generator. 
  2. Again, I had to clear out two-word phrases, since that is not currently in our list of things we analyze. 

Still, we're far enough along that the major texts of a few religions can be compared in a Venn diagram. I'll save that for another post since I'm trying to get a more detailed diagram that will show more than just the top 10 words.

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