Sunday, June 24, 2012

Common "Righteous Works" that are filthy rags

Sometimes I get the feeling that Isaiah was talking about me when he wrote about those "righteous works" that were filthy rags in God's eyes. Ever get that feeling? I'll lead off with myself here but include some thoughts that apply more generally as well:

  1. Blog posts about other peoples' sins. 
  2. Prayers that "confess" other peoples' sins in order to accuse them (or shame them) and elevate ourselves. 
  3. "Hymns to God" that are polemical against other Christians.
  4. Likewise Bible studies designed to show how we are the good guys and the other is not. 
  5. Sermons that show how Jesus' words don't really apply to us today. 
  6. "Fellowship" opportunities that leave out the people who need it the most.
I'm sure there are others. The more we look at our "righteous acts", the more it seems like Isaiah knew what he was talking about.

God's mercy is great, God's faithfulness is constant, God's goodness is sure. On that we place our hope.


Martin LaBar said...

Ouch. Well said.

Weekend Fisher said...

I think all of us have been there at times. More often than I like to admit.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF