Sunday, February 12, 2012

What makes a blog a Christian blog? Or a sermon a Christian sermon?

I have been pondering for some time, "What makes a blog a Christian blog?" and a related question, "What makes a sermon a Christian sermon?" There are many blogs written by Christian laymen and women that I consider good Christian blogs -- and others written by pastors or theology professors that don't seem Christian. And of course vice versa, though that one is hardly a surprise. So the question had been on my mind.

I asked for the thoughts of long-time blog-neighbor Martin LaBar because he has written about similar subjects. He was kind enough to respond at length:

On what makes a blog Christian:
  • A Christian blog must glorify God
  • A Christian blog must be excellent
  • A Christian blog treats readers, commenters, sources [and, I'd add, opponents] the way the author would want to be treated, and the way Christ would treat them

On what makes a sermon Christian:
A Christian sermon is a discourse, relating to or derived from Jesus or Jesus's teachings.

Many thanks to Martin for lending some insightful thoughts. What would you all add? Do you all struggle with similar thoughts and questions?


John, an unlikely pastor said...

Great Question
I'm a Lutheran and I'll answer with Luther's answer. What brings forth Christ that's what makes anything Christian. If we make the most of Jesus coming into the world and what he has done for us.

Weekend Fisher said...

Clear and to the point. That's what made him such a good teacher.

Thank you!

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF

Martin LaBar said...


By excellent, I didn't mean winning a Pulitzer Prize. I didn't say it very well, but I hope I meant something like "doing the very best that one can do." For some, excellence would not be obvious to a reader, but it is there, because the blogger is doing the best she can. For others of us, more is required, because we have more to give.

Martin LaBar said...

Here's a brief, but important statement on Christian sermons:

Weekend Fisher said...

That was really worthwhile. Thank you for posting the link.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF