Monday, September 12, 2011

Technology: Innovation Wishlist 2011

It has been awhile since I've posted a wishlist for new inventions. So here's a short list of technological advances that I would welcome. I've been sick lately (just a cold), so a lot of these are health-related:
  • A little ear-scope with a micro-camera where you could put the scope in your ear and get an image on-screen on your computer, see what you're dealing with there.
  • A little microscope with a computer hook-up where you could put in a drop of blood, have it analyze all the images that it finds at the cellular level, match it with images of known germs in a database, and tell you what exactly you've got -- a real diagnosis instead of a best-guess from the symptoms.
  • Ok, I really want a home-computer compatible little medical diagnostic lab. Then you could get decent recommendations for treatment from a home computer for non-serious things. Who wants to be around a lot of other sick people in a medical office when your computer can make house calls?
  • Moving away from the medical end, how about a forensic application: give the computer a DNA sample from a suspect or unidentified person, have it create an image of the person's face. Maybe it could also give probable ranges for height and weight.
Dreaming ...


Martin LaBar said...

Be sure to patent all of these . . .

Weekend Fisher said...

The few times I've tried to patent things, they were already patented ... but nobody had ever brought the product to market. The patents were more claims against future product developers, and then had the unfortunate effect of *blocking* the production of a good idea; nobody wanted to pay the price on a speculative thing.

As far as intellectual property, I think I'll be content with these if the public disclosure of the idea here *prevents* someone from filing a "block production" / claim-stake patent.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF