Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Site maintenance note

Back in early 2006, going through a rough patch (to say the least) in my own life, I put together a quick post for my own comfort on Bible verses for the overwhelmed. Much to my surprise, over four year later it continues to be the all-time most popular post on this blog, by traffic going there. I'm flatly amazed at the amount of traffic that Google has sent that page even in the most recent month, and reading the search phrases that led people there was heart-wrenching. So I wanted to drop any readers and especially feed-readers a note on a few things:

I will be posting a round-up of other posts that may be helpful for the overwhelmed, even though round-up posts are not exactly my usual fare; and I will be updating that old post from 2006 with a link to the round-up page. The point of all this is the surprising volume of traffic on that topic. If people are ending up here of all places when searching for help, I'd like to do a better job helping.

So the next couple of updates on this blog will be a little out of the usual.

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Joe said...

This sounds like the most excellent material for a book.