Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Like a woman in childbirth: a quick note on End Times

(No, I'm not stopping my series. But it's not all I think about either.)
I've kept an eye on some of the current news about troubles around the world, and I was thinking, "Here we go again." The Bible compares the end times to a woman in labor. I think there's more to that comparison than how nobody knows the day or the hour. I think there's more to it than it hurting a lot.

I have two children. I remember labor very vividly. And the pains weren't steady; they were contractions. It would be unbearable. Then it would be gone, absolutely fine for a few minutes. Then it would be unbearable again. Then it would be fine again.

We see the same cycles in the catastrophes in the world. Like a woman in labor.

I guess one question for end-time watchers is this: can you tell if the contractions are getting closer together?

I sometimes wonder, when the Bible mentions that the world to come does not have a sun or even need one, does that mean that we shouldn't expect the final end until after the sun has gone out?

Just musing.


Craig said...

I don't have the book and verse, but doesn't Isaiah say somewhere that the stars and sky will roll up like a scroll? I've wondered if the worldwide disaster portrayed in the movie 2012 would simulate that visual, i.e., the shifting of the earth's crust.

Weekend Fisher said...

I haven't seen 2012. Was it worth the watch? I generally skip apocalypse flicks ...

Craig said...

It's just your standard apocalyptic fare. :-).
You're not missing much by not seeing it, but it's halfway entertaining if you have nothing better to do with your time.