Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Patristics Carnival XVII

Welcome to the November 2008 Patristics Carnival.

The Patristics Carnival is a monthly collection of patristics-related posts initiated and organized by Phil Snider.

Book Reviews

Introductions to the Fathers


Commentaries, Research, and Assessments of the Fathers

Lives of the Fathers: Ignatius of Antioch

This month saw a number of tributes to and commemorations of Ignatius of Antioch in honor of his feast day:

Lives of the Fathers: Other than Ignatius


Possibly Polemical Patristics

This section has the caveat lector entries, where the posts are in some ways incendiary, polemical, or otherwise calculated to provoke, but may still contain material of interest for carnival readers.

Apocryphal Corner


And that's all for the November 2008 patristics carnival. Keep an eye on Phil's blog for details about the next edition of the Carnival.


Tony-Allen said...

Thanks for linking to all these!

Kevin said...

That's quite the collection. Thanks for doing this.

Weekend Fisher said...

I think Phil is doing the internet a service by having a patristics carnival. I'm glad you enjoyed!

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF

Phil Snider said...

I'm a little overdue with public thanks (I've been drowning in student papers and report cards), but I wanted to thank you for hosting such a rich and comprehensive carnival. I appreciate it especially because this is one of my busiest times and I would find it quite hard to get it done this month.