Friday, October 03, 2008

Christian Reconciliation Carnival

The Christian Reconciliation Carnival is up at Cross Reference. Stop by and give it a read. And a big THANK YOU to our host, Jeff, for once again doing a great job with the Carnival.

This Carnival's theme also has some beginning comparisons of different churches with different orders of service. I'm curious: what statement does your church make with its order of service?

The next Christian Reconciliation Carnival will be here at this blog at the end of the year. I am considering giving recognition to bloggers who have made noteworthy contributions to Christian reconciliation, the spirit of fellowship in conversation, clearly defining their beliefs (a prerequisite for assessing differences), or housecleaning within their own denomination. Anyone with thoughts as to other categories that might be good to recognize, please drop me a comment. And keep an eye out for those reconciliation-minded brothers and sisters in Christ. I'll be asking for nominations in the different categories later in the year.

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