Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lent 5 with Moltmann

Moltmann on the ideas of God held with and without the cross by the person who has either been humbled by the cross or is a proud wannabe-divinity:
A God who is conceived of in his omnipotence, perfection and infinity at man’s expense cannot be the God who is love in the cross of Jesus, who makes a human encounter in order to restore their lost humanity to unhappy and proud divinities, who ‘became poor to make many rich’. God conceived of at man’s expense cannot be the Father of Jesus Christ. … It is indispensable for the liberated believer to dispense with the inhuman God, a God without Jesus, for the sake of the cross. (Jurgen Moltmann in The Crucified God. Fortress Press, Minneapolis, 1993, pp.250-251)

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