Sunday, January 27, 2008

Christian Reconciliation Carnivals 2008: Call for Hosts

Christian Reconciliation Carnival is now one year old. Thanks to all who hosted or participated in the previous year!

This year my goal is to be a bit more organized and prepared for each carnival. Due to the realities of scheduling, this will mean scheduling the carnival quarterly rather than monthly. My hope is that, with a quarterly schedule, we can avoid the last-minute rush that has characterized the schedules for these carnivals. Again, thanks to all for their patience with me as a carnival organizer. I'm still learning my way around.

Everyone who would like to host a carnival this year, please let me know either by email or in the comments. Please also indicate your preference for when to host. With the quarterly format, the Carnivals will have closing dates of roughly 03/31, 06/30, 09/30, and 12/31.

Thank you!


D. P. said...

I"m happy to take either March or September. :-)

Mark said...

Count me in for June then. :D