Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Newsflash: Jesus Never Married, Never Had Children

These are the times when very basic history needs to be reviewed. Most people are aware that the Bible never mentions Jesus being married or having children, but some have imagined that this was a mere omission and look for answers on his life elsewhere. Very well then, what do we find outside of Scripture?
They proudly say that they are imitating the Lord who neither married nor had any possession in this world ... Further, they do not know the reason why the Lord did not marry. In the first place he had his own bride, the Church; and in the next place he was no ordinary man that he should also be in need of some helpmeet after the flesh. Nor was it necessary for him to beget children since he abides eternally and was born the only Son of God. -- Clement of Alexandria, Stromata, Book III, 6.49. (circa 190 A.D.)


D. P. said...

About a year or so ago I had a friend who was really struggling with this issue and asked me to look into it with her. I ended up more convinced than ever that (1) there is absolutely no compelling evidence that Jesus was married and (2) there is absolutely no theological impediment to the gospel were it ever discovered that he was.

Weekend Fisher said...

When you say "no compelling evidence" that almost sounds like there's evidence. Myself, I haven't even seen any evidence that he was married, though there is evidence that he was not married (such as statements by the early church that they were staying celibate to be like him).

D. P. said...

OK, let me clarify: there's no evidence. There is inference, but I think it is based on faulty assumptions (e.g., all rabbis were married, therefore Jesus had to have been married).