Sunday, September 03, 2006

God's Love in Action: Help in time of bereavement

Some ministries are too small or too local to have bothered with a website. 3A Bereavement Foundation is among these. One-time funeral care worker Michele Lara saw how many families had trouble paying for the expenses involved with burying their loved ones. So she began the 3A Bereavement Foundation to provide counseling and financial aid to families who needed help with burial expenses. In an interview with the Houston Chronicle (article published December 5, 2004) she stated that "the Lord led me to this once I saw the need." She has been providing financial assistance and counseling to the bereaved since 1997. Being the only organization of the type in this area of the state of Texas, the organization has even received some government funding under a victim care initiative to assist families of homicide victims in Fort Bend County and Harris County Texas (which includes Houston, fourth largest city in the U.S., for those not familiar with those counties).

One more time, some of the more impressive instances of God's love in action come from individuals who see a need and will not be stopped in their drive to help.

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