Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday Mind-Stretcher: Is Democracy a good thing?

I am planning an experiment for a few Mondays posting "devil's advocate" types of pieces. I am not necessarily advocating what the post states. It is intended as food for thought, as practice in clarifying, refining, and strengthening our positions.

Mind-stretcher for today: Should democratic nations be spreading democracy in the world? In world history, it is a bit of a new experiment. Have we proved that it works here? Have we figured out how to have democracy without the result being laws geared towards the lowest or most extreme position that has the nerve to stand its ground? Can a democracy without an established religion avoid that pitfall? Is a democracy with an established religion still a democracy? If we can't answer those questions, have we established a working democratic theory?

Any takers on establishing a working democratic theory? My own thoughts as an update after a few days ...

Update: Posted follow-up thoughts here.

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