Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yes! Yes! Yes! We go to the World Series!

For the first time in Houston's history, we're going to the baseball world series. I've been waiting for this since the days of Nolan Ryan, Joaquin Andujar, and Jose "Astros have Cruz control" Cruz. That team, for all its excellence, never made it all the way. This year's team has reached a new height.

All the best to them as they move on to the World Series. Go Astros!


Layman said...

Congratulations Houston and all long-suffering Astros fans.

I almost lost faith after game 5. Too many close failures.

Perhaps happiest of all for Biggio and Bagwell.

Weekend Fisher said...

Killer B's! Next stop: Chicago.

Nunzia said...

Congrats from a Yankees fan who loves Andy Pettite (even though he was useless to you in the series so far :P)

Weekend Fisher said...

LOL Thanks there. I stopped over to your blog tonight, liked it. Hope things go well for you.