Saturday, June 09, 2012

Miracles of Abundance: Wine for a Wedding Feast

Jesus did one more miracle of abundance beyond things involving fishes and loaves that his disciples mentioned to us. At the wedding at Cana, Jesus made an abundance of wine. Apparently it was of exceptional quality, too, according to the comments about it.

Jesus did a number of miracles of abundance. But this is the only one that took place at a pre-arranged celebration. It was the only miracle recorded at a wedding feast, and the only miraculous abundance of wine, something uniquely suited to a celebration. Again, we see God's generosity in the gift that exceeded the need.

And again at the Last Supper, just as with the bread, we see Jesus choose from the table something that he had already blessed with abundance and surpassing quality: this time, wine. "Take and drink. This is my blood, shed for you." Again, we see him ensure that later generations will know about his choice of wine: "Do this to remember me."

Jesus referred to himself as a bridegroom at times. In his choice of wine, among all the messages for us there, was there also a reminder of a celebration in his kingdom? As with the bread, we can see the abundance of forgiveness, and the gift that even surpasses the needs of all. But Jesus made sure that the abundance of wine reminds us of a wedding feast, and that the cup is also "a foretaste of the feast to come."


Martin LaBar said...

That's a good last sentence.

Weekend Fisher said...

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