Thursday, May 22, 2008

In Memory of Bob F.

Sorry about the light blogging schedule this week. It's not just the usual summer work overload. My neighbor Bob died after a long struggle with illness. He leaves behind 2 children who are too young to care for themselves and have different mothers, so while the children are each others' family, they are unlikely to see each other much once they are moved in with their mothers' families. Bob had one of those lives where it is very easy to point your finger and shake your head -- but don't we all? Let this be said for him: he loved his children and he did the best by them that he knew how. He was also kind to me, always friendly. He even cut my grass for a few months back in the days when my father had cancer and there was no time for me to cut the grass. He kept me out of trouble with the local community assocation when I really didn't have time or energy to care how my yard looked. He also spent years cutting the grass for the elderly / semi-disabled fellow who lives next door to him. So here's to a life that's not perfect but redeemed: he loved his family, and he loved his neighbors.

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