Monday, May 26, 2008

'Bloodline' meets Talpiot?

In the latest round of anti-Christian conspiracy theories, we have a new movie, Bloodline, in which Jesus and Mary Magdalen quietly lived in France where they died and were buried. (H/T to Cadre Comments.) The movie seems to share the same target audience as the recent Simcha Jacobovici anti-Christian piece on Jesus' and Mary Magdalen's supposed tomb, the Talpiot tomb near Jerusalem.

Can Jesus and Mary Magdalen really be buried both in France and in the Holy Land?

The more telling question: will inquiring minds want to know? Or will the "skeptical" community give a free pass to anything that attacks Christianity, even if it means supporting conflicting mutually exclusive claims?

(I think Bloodline may have been intended as the 2008 edition of the annual anti-Christian propaganda series to coincide with our celebration of Jesus' resurrection. However, we had an unusually early Holy Season this year.)

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