Monday, February 25, 2008

Christian Reconciliation Carnival #11: Call for submissions

Christian Reconciliation Carnival #11 will be hosted by Dr. Pursiful. His call for submissions has been posted: due 03/31/2008, with the Carnival to be posted soon afterwards in early April.

The topic of the month is based on the fact we're about to embark on our annual celebration of Easter / Pascha, and this year finds the western churches and eastern churches a month out of step:
All of this prompts me to propose “Reconciliation and Liturgical Time” as the special topic for this Carnival. How are divergent or competing understandings of the liturgical year an obstacle to reconciliation? Conversely, how does the idea of liturgical time open up possibilities for greater unity? In any event, how do we live out our Christian discipleship among fellow believers who approach liturgical time differently?

Posts are welcome on this or any other topic related to Christian unity.

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