Monday, July 10, 2006

Series of Note: AmbivAbortion Rant

Normally, I don't consider myself well-read enough in what other people are writing around the blogosphere to be in the recommendations business. But this evening I followed a link and read Amba's 'rant' on abortion. Every once in awhile you run across a piece that you know was forged in the depths where courage meets pain. I have no doubt that writing it -- or before, thinking through it -- cost her dearly; it shows its worth. It defies easy characterization, other than this: brave, honest, thoughtful, and heart-wrenching. She speaks with a voice that liberals can respect and conservatives can appreciate.

Amba's Abortion Rant: Part I
Amba's Abortion Rant: Part II

Leave yourself some reading and pondering time when you follow the links.


amba said...

thanks . . . I'm crying.

Weekend Fisher said...

me too, sorry. least favorite part about the internet: that when you really really want to just be able to sit down with someone in a quiet corner, it's impossible. all the best to you.