Thursday, February 23, 2006

Grandma moves in: keeping peace at home

My mother moved in this past Friday. In case anyone is interested, here are some of the new rules it's taken to keep the peace with an extra person here (in roughly the order they were introduced):
  1. Although I telecommute, I really do work with real deadlines and real projects. Interruptions need to be kept to a genuine minimum.
  2. The children's assignment grades and school report cards are between them and me, even if they are good grades. It's a matter of their privacy.
  3. Everybody keeps the door shut when going to the bathroom; it's a house rule.
  4. Everybody has their own spot at the table, including Grandma. Nobody gets displaced. If someone wants their usual spot, the person who has it (Grandma) has to get up or, better yet, have started at their own place to begin with.
  5. Grandma does not parent the children or send them to fetch for her. If she needs something, she goes through Mom.
  6. Everybody has a place to sleep at night. We sleep there, not the couch.
  7. Regular baths/showers are required here.
  8. Everyone gets a turn at the TV. It does not stay on news programs all day.
  9. When in the public areas of the house, we wear things that cover us decently for being in public.
That's what I've had to establish so far. On that last item, at the hospital my son did see (as he puts it) "Grandma's wrinkly white hiny" at one point when she was up from bed in a hospital gown. He seemed horrified. My suggestion for the news flash was "Boy sees grandma's wrinkly white hiny. Scarred for life." His was "Boy sees grandma's wrinkly white hiny. Nausea and vomiting mistaken for flu." Erm, it really was the flu. Honest. As much as I wish that Grandma's w.w.h. weren't behind some of the new rules, check out #3, 6, and 9. You know what they say about common sense ...

Missing the days when I could concentrate on more edifying things. Hope they'll be back soon.


~Patricia~ said...

I don't know the circumstances of Grandma moving in, but I can tell you that though there will be many challenges, I believe it is God's intention for us to care for the needs of our elderly parents, and it is an awesome opportunity to teach our children that life isn't all about them. I am proud of the sacrifices our children made to accommodate and honor their grandmother. ("Do not cast me away
when I am old; do not forsake me
when my strength is gone." Psalm 71:9) We had some of those w.w.h. moments, as well! I found my way here via the Best of God Blogs and was very convicted by your "10 Essential People to Visit". Thank you! Blessings in Christ ~ Patricia

Weekend Fisher said...

Thank you for the kind words. I really hesitated to post the "w.w.h." moments but all the struggles are part of this whole thing. I love that quote from the Psalms; thanks for posting that.