Wednesday, April 27, 2016

God's Love in Action: Seeking the Lost

Some time ago I ran a series on people who excel in putting God's love into action. This post is a continuation of that series.

Tim Miller's life changed unexpectedly on the day that his teenage daughter went missing. It took the police many months to find her -- or rather, find her remains. His story is full of pain and anguish -- and to some extent it still is. But out of his anguish, he resolved to dedicate his life to seeking the lost. Now he is a veteran and expert at finding missing persons, and his organization Texas Equusearch has more than 300 safe recoveries to their credit. Whenever there is a report of a missing person, police and families often turn to Tim Miller for his expertise. He has a reputation for persistence and dedication, and for the emotional comfort that he brings to the families of the missing. He is now leader of a large volunteer group whose emblem reads, "Lost is not Alone." They are the ones who make that emblem true.

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