Thursday, January 31, 2013

Picture this: what the Biblical gospels have in common

As I begin to show the point of the recent series with all the data analysis, I'd like to translate some of those endless statistics into pictures. That should make the point more visible and easier to understand without having to refer back to charts full of statistics.

Because my Venn diagram skills are basic, I kept this chart basic as well: it shows the ten most-used keywords in each of the Biblical gospels. (It's tempting to try to pack in more information. The circles could change size to reflect the size of the original document, or the words might change size or color. Tempting, but for the moment it's overkill.)

This picture gives you a high-level overview of the four Biblical gospels. They have a lot in common, and all four of them share the same most-used keyword: Jesus. They also each have areas that are uniquely their own.

As I go forward, I need to add a few more word clouds to the ones available here on the blog, and then I intend to put together some additional pictures to illustrate what you really see when you compare certain things objectively.


Martin LaBar said...

That's well done. The result of an original mind, and some work.


Weekend Fisher said...

LOL. Thanks for your patience in this series that only a geek could love. (Fortunately, I'm a geek.) This is the "vanilla" chart. To me, the next couple of charts are the more interesting ones. They take awhile to research and create. But they show some things you might not notice otherwise.