Saturday, July 02, 2011

Crown of Creation

Mankind is unique among all the creatures in this world. But is there really anything we do that other creatures don't do? We can fly -- but the geese were there in the skies, flying in formation, long before us. Expert climbers can rappel down a cliff on a slender rope -- but the spiders were doing that on their slender threads long ago. We can dive into the ocean -- and we come to a place where the fishes and other creatures of the deep have been for ages.

What exactly is unique about us? One is our quest for knowledge. Another is our quest for accomplishment. But at a basic level we have the ability to look at any creature in all the world and see possibilities. Birds do not look at fish or spiders and see the possibilities of SCUBA gear or rappelling. They may see dinner (depending on the type of bird), but they do not see a way to transcend their own limitations.

As the ancients said, we are in the "image of God" -- God who saw the possibilities and created.

Note: I know it is traditional, at this point, to launch into hand-wringing over the evils done by mankind. But I'm going somewhere else with this ... a little patience, please.


Craig said...

Hi Anne,

I'm consistently impressed and challenged by the original thinking and insight you bring to bear on your blog. Although I don't comment much, know that your writing is always a blessing and source of fresh, biblical perspective to me. In general, you "get it" and you help me get it.


Weekend Fisher said...

Wow, Craig, thank you so much for saying that. It's a huge encouragement. That's a comment I will treasure for a long time.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF