Thursday, October 28, 2010

Notes on the order of service from the letters to Corinth

  • This order of worship is more open for everyone to participate than typical orders of worship. The main portion of the worship is invitational and is shaped from Paul’s words about everyone’s participation for the building up of the church. This order of worship has open calls for hymns or songs, words of instruction, and tongues and interpretation; it calls for all to be done in an orderly way as Paul instructed.
  • A Pentecostal or charismatic congregation could use this order of worship.
  • A non-Pentecostal or non-charismatic congregation could use this order of worship, though they may choose to include the portion on tongues and interpretations only on request.
  • Paul’s focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ takes the form of a fixed time when a selection from the gospels is read, and a word of instruction accompanying it.
  • The Lord’s Supper is included in keeping with Paul’s recollection of it.
  • In his letters to them, Paul confronts the Corinthians with their sin. An order of confession is included, along with a proclamation of forgiveness in Christ.
  • The special offering for the needy follows the language that Paul used in the letters to Corinth about the special offering being taken.
  • The dismissal and mission recalls the order of confession and reconciliation and the people go back into the world.


Martin LaBar said...

This strikes me as good work, although the church I am a member of has very little of an order of worship. We have singing, offering, sermon, and dismissal. We're missing some good things by not having, for example, a confessional.

Weekend Fisher said...

I thought you were Wesleyan, just going by the things you post. I thought Wesleyans were cousins to Anglicans and would have some kind of liturgy.

Don't they?

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF