Monday, September 13, 2010

On being like God (4): Finale

Personal note: My schedule is clearing off so that I should be able to resume some of my earlier series this month. In particular, I've been eager to get back to 'divisions in the church', though those entries take awhile to develop.

For this final entry in the series on being like God, rather than get all explanatory -- I'm sure you have the point by now -- I wanted to approach it in a more prayerful and meditative way.

Great is parenting, for the Holy One chooses to be known as Our Father.
Great is marriage, for the Holy One calls himself a bridegroom and a husband.
Great is forgiveness, for God chose forgiveness in restoring the world.
Great is humility, for God chose to humble himself for the sake of love.
Great is love, for love moved God to act in compassion for his people.

So God calls for us to be like him in devoting ourselves to faithful and enduring love.