Friday, April 16, 2010

Overview of the Bible

I suggested this overview of the Bible to my Sunday school class. While there are individual variations within each section, I think it captures the big picture:

Old TestamentHow did we get into this mess? Does God care? Will he help us out of it?
GospelsFour biographies of Jesus. God's response to the questions "Does God care?" and "Will he help us?"
ActsWhat did Jesus' followers do to carry out his work?
EpistlesWhat just happened with Jesus? What does it mean?
RevelationThe grand finale, bringing together "Does God care?", "Will he help us out of it?", and what Jesus really means to the world.


Martin LaBar said...

That's "big picture," all right.

Perhaps the New Testament could be put under one heading: "How God makes it possible to get out of the mess."

Weekend Fisher said...

I like it. Or even, "How God gets us out of the mess."

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF