Sunday, January 24, 2010

Do we take love seriously: A failure of courage?

Our culture is notoriously shallow. Nothing is sacred; irreverence is fashionable. Taking the sacred seriously is not socially acceptable in many circles. And here Christians have shown a remarkable failure of courage. If the world calls us names, it is our part to stand straight and unapologetically proclaim what is good. I noticed when studying Proverbs that people react to the word “wisdom” with embarrassment. Wisdom is not much of a goal or value in our nation’s culture, but it needs to be so in the Christian culture. Even more so than wisdom, love needs to be something considered worthy of serous consideration.

Consider the serious theologians. How many have written on the nature of God? How many have written systematic theologies, or apologetics addressed to the latest attacks on Christianity, or treatises on the Trinity? Isn’t that what people expect from serious theologian? Now consider, how many have written books on faith? Some, but far fewer. How many have written books on hope? Again some, but fewer still. How many have written books addressing love? If we were to put together a bibliography of works treating these subjects in depth, do you think we would find more theology books about the Trinity or about love?

If the respected theologians do not stand up for what Christ taught about love, then who will take the task of pursuing the knowledge and practice of Christian love with the depth and passion of study that we see for other things? People hesitate to tackle it, for fear we won’t be taken seriously. But if we do not take it seriously, who will?

And I think the first lesson of love is that we need to get over ourselves, and think about what is good, and let us be glad for it, and not ashamed to be glad.


scott m said...

One thought popped into my head as I read. How does one even begin to write about the Trinity without writing about love?

Weekend Fisher said...

In a word: perichoresis. It's the theory by which people make the Trinity a 3-colored pinwheel and try to spin it fast enough that it appears one. Failing to spin it fast enough, they'll settle for making the reader's head spin fast enough ...

Take care & God bless

Phil Steiger said...

I liked your thought that when the world calls us odd or bad, or even wrong, we stand up and proclaim it right and good. So very right!

Weekend Fisher said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF