Sunday, July 20, 2008

Poetry / experiments

It's been nearly 2 years since I posted any poetry here -- and it was with the promise that I wouldn't do it often. I still promise I won't do it often -- but having been nearly two years, I feel I'm not pushing the limits of "often". These are mostly standalone haiku; if they bear any relationship to each other it's that my quiet time is often spent in the woods or, when I can, at the beach.

Forest Verses

A forgotten path
A half-remembered journey
A glimpse from the trail

The twig's snap echoes
Announcing the intruder
The trees hold their breath.

A mossy blurred shape
Winding vines wrapped round the tree
A serpentine wreath
Obscuring the trunk
Caduceus' hidden form
Conceals the flowers.

Ocean Verses

Steady my heartbeat
I feel your breath on the shore
The pulse of the earth.

The child waves the bread
The gull in the ferry's wake
Turns his wings and dives.

Neighborhood Walk

The squirrel bounded
Tracing a wave through the air
Seeking out his tree.

So that's my haiku collection from my latest verse experiments. It will likely be another year or two before I inflict any more poetry on you. I am curious -- does anyone else try verse?


Lynne said...

Why the apologies? These are great!
I write a lot of poetry (it's often my way of processing thoughts and feelings) -- and blog it, but I don't do haiku, i lack your gift of evocative simplicity

Weekend Fisher said...

Hi Lynne

I didn't realize you were a poet. I don't get out enough, do I? I went and read some of them at your blog. I very much liked the one about the royalty in times of hardship. I'm going to have to stop by your blog more often.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF