Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lent 6 with Moltmann

“Without Jesus I would be an atheist,” remarked the Ritschlian J. Gottschick. If God’s being is manifest in the passion and the death of Jesus, through Jesus’ suffering and death “for us” and for our salvation, he is known by that faith which is called freedom. The God of freedom, the true God, is therefore not recognized by his power and glory in the world and in the history of the world, but through his helplessness and his death on the scandal of the cross of Jesus. The gods of the power and riches of the world and world history then belong on the other side of the cross, for it was in their name that Jesus was crucified. (Jurgen Moltmann in The Crucified God. Fortress Press, Minneapolis, 1993, p.95)


Enigman said...

Although the Heavens declare the Glory of the Lord as well. (And without the Word nothing would exist!)

Weekend Fisher said...

Psalm 19 is my favorite psalm. It's something for a poem to stand the test of that much difference in culture and time and language and still have that effect.