Thursday, November 15, 2007

Most uplifting post I've read this week ...

Most uplifting post I've read this week. And my favorite takeaway passage:
A cup of coffee is more valuable than anything heaven has to offer. You see, a cup of coffee takes time, and we've only 70 years down here to do everything in our hearts. Every second I share with a saint is a second that he is the most valuable thing in my life, and that investment returns forever. If we wait until heaven to sit down with the saints, we lose all that interest. Heaven has unlimited time, so there's no sacrifice in sitting down with a brother in heaven. Time on Earth is brutally precious, so every minute shared is precious.
Anybody up for a cup of coffee? (Yah, I know, I don't touch the stuff, but the coffee shop will humor me with some lemonade, no doubt.)

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codepoke said...

Hahaha. You caught me in my half-disclosure. My least favorite thing about coffee shops is that they quit serving iced lemonade in the winter. I won't even eat mocha ice cream. :-)

Thanks, WF