Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just for fun: 10 Predictions on Deathly Hallows

With the last book of the Harry Potter series due out this next weekend, I've been pondering my guesses for some of the open elements of the plot. Here are ten predictions along with the odds I'd give them. The odds I am offering are good for bragging points only.

  1. Snape is really a good guy : 9 to 1
  2. Snape had once loved Lily (Evans) Potter: 3 to 1
  3. There is an important clue still to be found in Snape's old potions book: 3 to 1
  4. RAB is Sirius Black's brother Regulus: even
  5. The trail to one horcrux leads through Burgin and Borkes: 2 to 1
  6. At least one piece of vital information is contained in the book Hogwarts, A History: 5 to 1
  7. The "secret Christian message" Rowling has hinted about includes redemption: 10 to 1
  8. The "secret Christian message" Rowling has hinted about is love of enemies: 20 to 1
  9. Harry is really a horcrux: even
  10. Harry is distantly descended from Godric Gryffindor (birthplace was Godric's Hollow): even

As a side note, I also suspect that Ludo Bagman is really a death eater and that Sirius Black was framed for Peter Pettigrew's murder by Cornelius Fudge himself, whose true loyalties I have always suspected. I also expect that one of the Weasleys will die. But I have no idea what odds to give those.


japhy said...

I'd say there's an excellent chance Harry's scar is a horcrux.

Weekend Fisher said...

So you're going for just the scar itself being a horcrux, ey? It's possible but I'd give it long odds. Hadn't heard that theory before, interesting one. We'll know this weekend. :)