Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Woohoo! Christian Reconciliation Carnival #4 is up!

A great big thank-you to Mark Olson at Pseudo-Polymath. He has done a great job in putting up Christian Reconciliation Carnival #4 on shorter notice than you might have guessed, given some technical difficulties and disorganization on my part.

Stop on over and give him a read. The special topic of the month is what we can do here and now as a start, however humble, towards re-uniting the church. I like Mark's suggestions in What to do ... Now.

Please consider what post you'd like to send in for next carnival.

Anyone who is interested in hosting, send an email here: we have openings available. Hosting is easy and comes with a perk: you get to pick the topic of the month. As always, any post on the subject of Christian unity or respectfully exploring differences is welcome.

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