Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Christmas Steven H.

Darrel Pursiful tagged me with his new Merry Christmas meme.

Sven first caught my eye back when he was doing some of those on-line quizzes. He put out the theology quizzes that were all the rage for awhile earlier this year. If I had seen a "quiz of the year" award, those would have gotten my vote. He has a great sense of humor, which is probably his strongest suit of all. My favorite of his recent posts shines the spotlight on the theological watchdog phenomenon. He has a passion for honest conversation and writes with earnestness. He's willing to tackle controversial material and willing to stand his ground against pressure-tactics. He has good instincts theologically.

Now, it was not part of the original meme but I thought I'd mention: if I were to really go Christmas-shopping for you (SH), I'd have gotten you A Short History of the Atonement from my favorite Christian book order firm, Eighth Day Books. Why would I recommend it? Because you're obviously interested in the subject and you obviously like to read; natural fit.

The celebration continues
You're invited to tag two other bloggers that you enjoy reading and wish them a Merry Christmas with a link from your blog and a comment on theirs.

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