Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Marketing "Prayer Products": How Far Is Too Far?

Is this prayer ad over the top?

Given Hollywood's sudden interest in Christianity after The Passion of the Christ, it's easy to wonder if Hollywood looks at Christians and sees only dollar signs. If so, we shouldn't feel lonely; they see many other groups that way also. But for how long have we tolerated being seen as dollar signs by a variety of others, some claiming to be within our own camp? The linked adverisement is for a "prayer product" that is supposed to bring you "health, wealth, success". Learning to pray is good; prayer instruction is legitimate. So when does it cross the line to crass commercialism and profiteering off of religion? And on the "buyer" end, where's the line between looking to God to provide your needs and seeing God's value only in terms of "health, wealth, success"? I've been pondering where the line is, but I'm fairly sure this is over it.

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